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Tax Calendar

2019 Payroll-Employment Taxes


Federal Tax deposit due on the 15th day of the month
(pay by 8 pm on the 14th per EFTPS)



941- Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Form


Amount Due:
Federal Tax Deposit = Employee Federal Withholding

plus Employer FICA (6.2% up to $132,900 Gross Annual Salary)
plus Employee FICA (6.2% x Gross Salary)
plus Employer MEDICARE (1.45% x Gross Salary)
plus Employee MEDICARE (1.45% x Gross Salary)
Medicare surtax is an additional .9% tax applicable to wages earned over $200,000. It is an employee paid tax. There is no employer match. 


FORM 941 Payroll Deposit

Balance due quarterly; 4/15,7/15, 10/15, 1/15
(Pay by the 14th day of the month)


940 -Employer's Annual Federal Unemployment Tax 

Amount Due:
.6% on the first $7,000 of employees gross wages= $42.00


Payroll Due quarterly;

April, July, Oct., Jan.


NJ-927 Employer's Quarterly Report
Wage Base Limit $34,400.00 


Amount Due: 

Employee Gross Income Tax (GIT) Withheld

SUI (state unemployment insurance), SDI (State disability insurance),                FLI (Family leave insurance)

maximum W-2 SUI $34,400 x 0.425% =$146.20

maximum W-2 SDI $34,400 x 0.17% =$58.48

maximum W-2 FLI $34,400 x .08%=$27.52





Form filed April, July, Oct. , Jan. 
(WAGE BASE $172 / Week)


Amount Due:
Zero due


Income (personal)

Tax Payment Due 4/115, 6/17, 9/16, 1/15


Amount Due:
Estimated tax vouchers

Income (personal)

Tax Payment Due 4/15, 6/17, 9/16, 1/15

1040 NJES

Amount Due:
Estimated tax vouchers